Geographer, Scott D. Warren, was recently arrested and charged for giving food and water to two migrants in the west desert region near Cabeza Prieta, Arizona. Over the past summer, I had the pleasure of hearing Scott speak about his activist work and his impactful Desert Aid college class at the Emotional Geographies conference in Long Beach, California. As Deborah Thien notes, Scott’s work is an incredible testament to human compassion and justice. And yet, he’s been indicted on felony charges and now faces up to twenty years in prison. No More Deaths has set up a legal defense fund for Scott, along with 8 other No More Deaths volunteers. You can donate here: More details below….
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FEB 19 UPDATE: Humanitarian Aid Worker Scott Warren indicted on additional felony charge, facing up to 20 year sentence
A grand jury has indicted Scott Daniel Warren, a volunteer with the organization No More Deaths/No Más Muertes, with three felony charges: two counts of felony harboring and one charge of felony conspiracy. The maximum sentence for these charges is 20 years in prison.
The new conspiracy charge is notable, as conspiracy charges have been used by the government to scare and suppress social justice movements and target political dissidents. This case holds critical weight as the Trump administration targets immigrant rights leaders and those who stand with them nationwide. Please donate to our legal defense campaign here:
No More Deaths is committed to resisting this troubling trend in enforcement and continue our work of ending death and suffering in the borderlands.