I’m a PhD Candidate in Geography at McGill University under the supervision of Renee Sieber. I’m interested in geospatial technologies in indigenous contexts. My research critically examines challenges and opportunities of mapping technologies in considering indigenous ways of knowing and indigenous conceptualizations of space and time. I’m working with the Cree in Northern Quebec. This work is in hope to inform the next generation of mapping tools that would allow indigenous communities to express their aspirations, based on their own conceptual frameworks, rather than state-centric point of views. It could potentially provide means to Cree people to supersede planning of their land.

I’m also involved with the Cree Nation of Wemindji, and the Grand Council of the Crees in their mapping research projects focusing on Cree knowledge, protected areas, environmental and ecological changes, stories about places on the land, as well as traditional and historical use of the territory.